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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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on the bay bridge, while you were sleeping. the final tower put in place, ahead of some major progress on the bay bridge while you were sleeping. the final tower put into place. ahead of schedule. what this means for the project's timetable. one, ze, and -- zero and ignition of the rocket. >> blastoff failed. a rocket launch goes terribly wrong overnight. the problem that cost nasa $400 million. wow. that's an expensive mistake. >> i guess so. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. it is friday. friday, march 4. >> and you're loving that. i'm sure. >> i'm sydnie kohara. >> i forgot my name. >> that's okay. because it is friday.
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>> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time is 4:30. it could snow today. it doesn't matter because it is friday and we're told by lawrence it is supposed to be a pretty nice day. >> we don't have to worry about rain today? >> no, it looks like a dry day around the bay area. it looks like a brief break from the stormy weather. sunshine. mild temperatures. we could be talking about some more rain returning for the weekend. more on that in just a bit. let's check out traffic. >> and good morning. so far, so good on the freeways. no delays to report. the only thing we're dealing with is construction, eastbound 92 closed between hesperia and 880. the bay bridge toll plaza, friday light. back to you. >> thank you very much. 4:31. the latest big project on the bay bridge was scheduled ahead of schedule. this week workers have raised four more segments of the suspension tower into place and the final one lifted into place a couple of hours ago and tops out 480 feet above the bay. in the spring, the final
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section will be raised tying the tower legs together and reaching the final height of 525 feet. the tower will support the suspension cables for the section of bridge just east of yerba buena island. it is 4:32. a day on the ledge for protesters at cal and they came away with promises from the university. eight protesters chained themselves together on the fourth floor ledge at the hall and stayed there for about seven hours. and then about 9:00 last night, they finally came down. ending the day's protest against cuts in education funding. the campus police say they the standoff -- the standoff ended with communications with the police and the administrators and the demonstrators and the protesters were cited and released and they say school officials met their demands. >> basically, they agreed to -- the administration, to have a town hall meeting with us. to talk to the students and the faculty and workers and have an
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open dialogue about issues about operational excellence, and the budget cuts. >> no word on when that town hall meeting will happen though. san jose firefighters union has reached a tentative agreement with the city on a deal that would reduce pay and benefits but prevent layoffs for at least the next two years. the plan was announced yesterday at a news conference outside city hall. mayor chuck reed and other leaders are calling on all city employee unions to accept a 10% cut. the firefighters union is the first to do so. although the plan still needs to be passed by its union members. >> the local 230, i want to acknowledge and thank the negotiating team for the city. >> the union president says ratification meetings are scheduled for this weekend. 4:33. major changes coming to the way pg&e deals with gas pipeline safety. this, after three days of national transportation safety
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board hearings in washington. on the deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. company officials say they will be sending safety information by mail to anyone living within 2,000 feet of a pipeline. they will also begin installing automatic shutoff valves on their system. at one point in the hearing, an industry analyst referred to possible defects on the san bruno pipeline as an anomaly that led to a strongly worded response from san bruno city manager. >> i'm confident that the citizens of san bruno would find this very difficult, a difficult conclusion to accept and it could diminish the urgency by which the issues under discussion are addressed. >> the ntsb expects to release its final report on the san bruno blast in a few months. federal documents suggest a defective seem weld was not the
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only problem with the natural gas pipeline that exploded in san bruno. according to the document, two sections of pipe were misaligned were cited and the steel wall of one pipe had a different thickness than the others. 4:35 your time. the man accused of driving more than 40 miles with his wife on the hood of his van, he is back in court next tuesday. 36-year-old christopher carol told a san joaquin county judge he did it, but the contra costa county times reports that the judge rejected the guilty plea and has continued his arraignment until next week. and two separate witnesses followed the van after they saw the woman clinging to the windshield wiper and a side mirror. a body found in the backyard of a woman's home in novato is her missing husband. that's according to police. dale smith had not been seen since september. investigators found his body last month four feet under a recently built barbecue. and still working on the cause of death. police consider his wife evelyn a person of interest. nasa says its launch a an
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environmental research satellite this morning was a failure. the rocket lifted off from van den burg air force base but three minutes late area protective shell on the rocket failed to separate and that kept the satellite from going into orbit. $4,924,000,000 satellite was -- the $$424 million satellite was supposed to monitor particles in the atmosphere and track solar radiation. today libyan warplanes began a new round of attacks and the brigade attacked a rebel held city west of tripoli. fighters loyal of moammar gadhafi have set up checkpoints ahead of planned government protests later today. the opposition wants protesters to march out of mosques after noon prayers to demand that gadhafi step down. last friday, similar protests were met with armed retaliation. it is 4:36. on your friday. and new this morning, nfl contract negotiations are now in overtime. just hours before a collective
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bargaining agreement set to expire late last night, the nfl and the players union agreed on a 24-hour extension and the news deadline set for 9:00, our time, tonight. and now, they can't reach an agreement by then and the next nfl season could be canceled. president obama is also weighing in on the dispute. >> i am a big football fan. but i also think that for an industry that is making $9 billion a year in revenue, they can figure out how to divide it up in a sensible way. >> well, let's hope so. today, the two sides will meet separately with a federal mediator to hash out whether it makes sense to prolong an extension. perhaps a week or two. so there is more time to negotiate. >> hopefully they will. >> lawrence is getting very sad. he is a big oakland raiders fan and he wants the season start, don't you? >> the last shortened season was the year the raiders went to the super bowl. how about that? it could be good for the silver and black. >> maybe so. are we looking good for the
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weekend weather-wise? >> we got some showers coming our way. at least we will catch a break today. chilly in spots. 30s and 40s around the bay area right now. some patchy fog showing up out there, too. be careful, we will see more of that developing probably in the north bay valleys as we head through the morning and still it looks like we are catching a break from the stormy weather right now but the clouds gathering off the coastline again, and i think as we head toward the weekend, we're talking about the return of some showers outside. out the door, mostly clear and patches of fog. temperatures in the interior valleys, 30s and 40s. by this afternoon, should be a fairly mild afternoon out there as we will see lots of sunshine and a mixture of mid to high level clouds and temperatures in the 50s and upper 60s in some of the warmer spots inland but over the weekend, a chance of showers returning especially late in the day on saturday, and into sunday. all right. let's get a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. so far, the only thing we need to worry about this morning is early road work out there. we have a couple of projects in
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effect. northbound 680, san ramon, two right lanes are shut down. that is in effect until 6:00. we are seeing slight delays as you approach the area. give yourself extra time if you're headed out through that portion. eastbound 92 closed between hesperia and 880. that should be wrapping up by 6:00 as well. and not really affecting the san mateo bridge itself. you can see a live look here at the bridge. so far, so good. no delays to report between foster city and hayward. elsewhere, if you are taking the dumbarton bridge this morning, keep in mind road work as well in both directions. it looks like there are okay speeds right now. here is a live look at traffic still moving okay but keep advised that the road work is in effect until at least 6:00 on the westbound side and 5:00 on the eastbound side. back to you. the time is 4:39. early friday morning. the unemployment rate is expected to rise in today's job report. but there is a silver lining there. we will tell you about that. plus, i'm jumping all over you, trying to get the show
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going. >> i threw that in. so quite all right. >> how to get cash by keeping your old i-pad. >> no longer playing nice and the ultimatum from wisconsin's governor to get mixed i. a. workers back to work. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a great change is at hand and our task is to make that revolution, that change, peaceful and constructive for all. those who look only to the past or the present, are certain to miss the future.
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do not pray for easy lives. pray to be stronger men. ask not what your country can do for you. ask what you can do for your country. if you're racing around the bay area today, looking pretty good. temperatures around the 60s in many spots. should be dry. rain coming. we will talk about that in just a bit. all right, thank you, lawrence. 4:42 on your friday. economists expect mixed news in this morning's employment report. the unemployment rate for february might be slightly higher than the 9% reported in january. but there is a silver lining. analysts think the number of jobs created last month will be higher than earlier predicted. the job report comes out about 45 minutes from now. 1500 state workers in wisconsin are in danger of losing their job today.
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governor scott walker has threatened to issue pink slips to all of them if the senate democrats don't get back to work. he wants them to pass a republican-backed measure aimed at easing the state's budget crisis. democrats opposed the bill because it would strip most public employees of their collective bargaining rights. 4:43. a tiny spider is prompting the recall of tens of thousands of carves. take a look. this is it. the yellow sack spider, it is smaller than a nickel, so how can it cause so much trouble? grace lee takes a look under the hood. >> reporter: this little guy is causing all this chaos. why is it choosing mazdas? >> i have no idea. >> meet the yellow spider, an elusive nocturnal arack mid that seems to be partial to the mazda 6. that's right. it is the reason the company had to recall 65,000 cars. >> they're attracted to warm places. >> marty bumpton, the curator at lindsey wildlife museum says
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this spider wanders around and rarely leaves the web. apparently it makes an exception when it enters the con phones of the mazda six -- confines of the mazda 6. >> i am assuming that's what this tubing is attracting them for, it is small enough to be a good spot to lay eggs or shed their skin. >> how could something that is only a few millimeters long cause such a big problem in a whole car? according to the national highway traffic nation it crawls into an area near the fuel injection and it could cause a crack causing gas to spill and a risk of fire. >> you could call that the spider hotel. >> reporter: at diablo mazda and subaru, allen wolf says he has seen cases like this over the years. >> as soon as they put their nest or their web in there, the system thinks that it is sealed. and it actually needs to vent. so where it needs to vent the atmosphere, the web is trapping it. >> it is such a specialized
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problem that just yesterday, mazda said the dealership, sent them this brush to remove the web. >> it is just for the spider. >> does it creep you out at all? >> no, not really. i don't mind the spiders. it is the rodents. i don't like seeing those guys. >> mazda says they will install a spring in order to keep those spiders out starting in mid march. tens of thousands of service calls answered all for an eight- legged critter he. >> i'm sure he didn't mean to cause that much trouble. >> in walnut creek, grace lee, cbs 5. >> it is amazing they would go just to that car. >> i'm glad they stayed away from hondas. if you but an older model from i-pad in the past two weeks you can expect to get money back. >> apple unveiled the i-pad 2 this week, and as you know, when it did, they cut the price for the first generation i-pad by $100, so if you want a $100 refund have you two weeks to get your receipt to apple and you can do it. if you bought one a month ago,
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oh, well. you're out of luck, folks. two weeks. the time now is 4:45. you can usually buy just about anything at costco but see whether the chain is cracking down on seafood at its stores. so much for beauty sleep. how the way you catch your z's could be making you age faster. well, it wouldn't be a day without charlie sheen. charlie sheen fever reaching a whole new level. how the actor's rant landed him in the guinness book of world records, that and much more, when we come back. ,,
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12 cities in san mateo county are joining forces in hopes that their concerns will carry more weight with the high- speed rail authority. several cities are demanding rail tunnels or trenches within their boundaries... they fear high- speed rail above ground will have negative effects on safety and noise city representatives plan to meet tonight in burlingame. the board that oversees
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cal-train has declared a fiscal emergency. that will make it the board that oversees cal train has declared a fiscal emergency. they will make it easier for the transit agency to raise fares and reduce service as it phase as $30 million deficit and considering scrapping weekend chains and shutting down service at seven bay area stations and cutting the number of weekday trains nearly in half. the decision could come next month. if you plan to travel by air this summer, you might want to lock in a flight now. several u.s. carrier, including american, delta and u.s. airways, they're bumping up many domestic fares by $10 a round trip this week. the reason? to cover the surging cost of jet fuel. it was the sixth time this year carriers have hiked fares. the government says the airlines are enjoying the best earnings in four years because of a combination of higher fares, fewer flights, and more fees charged passengers. well, the warehouse chain costco is no longer selling several types of seafood.
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any type of seafood considered threatened by overharvesting is no longer able in the company's stores and the list includes a dozen items including chilean sea bass and orange roughy and shark. and some other retailers have made similar decisions and many environmentalists are pleased. >> when you get companies like costco, arimark, whole foods market, walmart, all of these organizations saying we're going to switch the way we source seafood, what they're doing is saying to their suppliers, we want you to produce this fish in a different way. >> costco's decision came after pressure from the environmental group greenpeace. other big chains like trader joe's and target have changed their seafood offerings as well. the other white meat now has another slogan. >> yes, it does. today, the national pork board replaces the ad with a new message, pork, be inspired. i'm quite sure that works, but
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anyway, board officials say -- >> be inspired. you have to say it better. >> pork, be inspired. >> now i'm feeling it. there you go. >> board officials say it was time to move on from a 25-year slogan that compared pork to chicken and they want to focus on the americans who eight pork anyway and be inspired, folks. >> a pork chop sounds good. >> yes, with a big latte and a couple of other things. >> you would like one, too. >> pork chops and lattes. >> happy friday. >> just before 5:00 in the morning. hey, folks. if you're headed out the door today, it look like not a bad start to the day. we are looking for some patchy fog developing. in some of the interior valleys. and the temperatures running in the 30s and 40s. a little chilly out there early on. no rain to start out your day. and i think we will keep it that i way all day long with a whole lot of sunshine. that could thing the temperatures up nicely on this friday. it should be a great friday around the bay area. and temperatures in the upper 60s in some of the warmer spots
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outside. and clouds floating on through. weather-wise, looking good. things could change as early as tomorrow. as we have the storm system developing off the coastline and this one is a warm one headed to the bay area and bring with it more clouds and some of the clouds filter across the skiesed to and things are clouding up throughout the day tomorrow and it looks like the prospect for some rain. so for today, we will call it dry. with some very mild temperatures and the high pressure is just sneaking in here enough to hold the systems at bay but over the weekend the jet stream will begin to drop back down. it looks like the rain will probably not to start until the latter part of saturday and that means most of saturday looking pretty good but as we head toward saturday noyt and sunday, it looks like it starts to drop down through the rest of the bay area and the polt of rain for and a half -- the possibility of rain for anyone. and 67 degrees in san jose today. 67 morgan hill. about 66 in millipitas. and 65 degrees in san mateo. the east bay temperatures up as high as 66 in san ramon and 67 in pleasanton. and about 65 degrees in
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pittsburg. north bay looking high and dry. a couple of patches of dense fog this morning. after that, we're looking good. temperatures easily up into the 50s and even upper 60s as you make your way into the napa valley and also into fairfield. so as we look out toward the big weekend, enjoy today, it will be a dry one, and tomorrow, a chance of rain developing late in the day. starting out in the north bay. spreading to the south. overnight saturday night, into sunday. rain becoming more likely for the entire bay area on sunday. the showers likely to continue on monday. but after that, it looks like we may catch a break again on tuesday and wednesday. before more rain late in the week. all right. let's get a traffic check. >> thank you, lawrence. so far dry roadways. and friday light in fact. looking pretty good. 880, no delays or traffic incidents to report as you work your way through oakland. traffic moving along just fine, northbound and southbound headed toward the coliseum. southbound into hayward or san jose, traffic moving well along 880. if you're working your way across the bay bridge, no
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problems, and traffic is fairly light, clear at the toll plaza. no delays across the upper deck into san francisco. you're clear also if you are planning on heading out of san francisco into oakland. no metering lights on just yet. the golden gate bridge, not a lot of cars out there. in fact, very quiet this morning. a very nice marin county commute. one lonely car on the golden gate bridge. no delays to report through that portion. and the only thing we're dealing with is some construction. san ramon, northbound 680 between al costa and sycamore valley road. and eastbound 92, road work between hesperia and 880. the good news is they just cleared the road work on the dumbarton bridge. they were hoping to have it done by 6:00 but it cleared early. 7:40 a.m. and 106.9 f.m., radio stations door, forget. back to you, sidney. 4:54. thank you very much. women treated for breast cancer may be more susceptible to falls. a new study found 58% of breast cancer survivors had fallen in the last year. that's nearly double the rate
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for seniors. researchers are not sure why, but speculate that chemotherapy and other cancer treatments may affect balance. 4:54. 4:55. wrinkles and circles under the eyes are a fact of life but it turns out the way you sleep can be a big factor when we first wake up, most of us have bed crinkles from the pillow case, i didn't know it, but over time the lines can turn into permanent wrinkles so to avoid that, it is helpful to sleep on your back. but the way you sleep can be just as important. >> the material that you sleep on should ideally be soft. i often tell my patients that they should invest in a good pillow case. it should be a very high thread count. >> of course, the amount of sleep matters as well. doctors say losing just a few hours will take a toll on your looks. we're in deep trouble out here, then, huh? >> is that supposed to be the before and after picture of more sleep? next week is national sleep awareness week by golly fand
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you're feeling a little drowsy, take note. more than a third of americans are having trouble staying awake and 38% of people fall asleep during the day and one in 20 say they have fallen asleep while driving their car, and up to 70 million adults in the united states suffer from chronic sleep loss and sleeping disorders. and because of that, fewer young american adults are having sex these days. it is not because of the sleep. i just put that in there. but it could be. >> for adults it might be the case. >> a study from the centers for disease control finds 72% of those 15 to 24 years old have had some kind of sexual encounter. >> well, that's down from 78% in 2002. and experts cite various reasons for the decline, including abstinence being emphasized in sex education and fears of sexually transmitted diseases, and kids being less likely to experiment with sex. and drugs. well, researchers say couples seeking a divorce cite facebook as a factor.
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one out of five times. and more than 80% of divorce lawyers report a rise in cases using facebook as evidence. researchers from loyola university say all too easily people on facebook can transition from chatty with old friends to more intense relationships. and people can't get enough of this guy. it is charlie sheen, folks. the actor has tweeted his way to a guinness world record. the troubled star took his saga to social media this week. and set a new record for the fastest time to reach 1 million followers on twitter. this is phenomenal. he did it in 2 hours and 17 minutes -- 25 hours and 17 minutes. earlier this week sheen's two boys were taken away from him and his estranged wife filed a restraining order against him as well. well, it is 4:57. more flaws found hidden in that blast, the san bruno pipeline and what a shocking new report is revealing about other ticking time bombs. major progress on the final tower for the nye bay bridge
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and -- the new bay bridge and what it means for the construction deadline. and a new deal has been struck between the city of san jose and the firefighters. but it is not a done deal yet. we will talk about it coming up next. okay. and in nfl negotiations, they are in overtime now, and now the president is weighing in to stop the standoff over pro- football players and owners coming up. ,,
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